Don Alexander

Has lived in various Southern Ontario communities.


Don at the Niagara EscarpmentMy work and interests over the past sixty years are reflected in the categories of this site.  Frequently I was engaged in a sector or business that was just emerging.  This has provided me with start-up stories and an historical sense to relate to the present and future.

-TV Broadcast Pioneer 1955-1963.  News and Programme Manager

-St. Lawrence Seaway Authority, Welland Canal, 1964-1969.  Public and Community Relations. Traffic Demand Management.

Elected; Niagara Regional Government 1972-1976… Niagara Region Planning Committee…Town and Country Planning.

TV/Video productions, 1980-2005. Credits: ecology, sustainable development, agriculture, eco-tourism, cities (Jane Jacobs: Urban Wisdom 2002), artists (Nihilist Spasm Band 2000).

Finance Committee member, Canadian Friends Service Committee (CFSC), Canadian Peace and Social Justice organization… 2008 to present.

Niagara Escarpment Commissioner , Niagara Escarpment Commission. 2004 to March 2017. The Niagara Escarpment is designated a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.