Chavez. Cuban Environmental Artist

Chavez. Part of  collection  brought to Canada during an artist’s exchange 2015-16.     Individual works for sale.    All proceeds to artist in Santiago de Cuba.                contact: 

Jorge Luis CHAVEZ Gomez (1972-

Cuban Environmental Artist.  The art of Chavez is informed by his close relationship to eastern Cuba.  The two National Parks are United Nations Biosphere Reserves and the capital city is Santiago.

Chavez has made two exchange visits to artist’s studios and collectives in St. Catharines and Hamilton Ontario.  He has a Batchelor in Education of Visual Arts from Santiago de Cuba and has made Advanced Studies in Visual Arts, Printmaking and Drawing.  He has provided workshops and teaching in his native city of Santiago de Cuba.

During exchanges to Canada he has entrusted a number of canvases to friends in Niagara for sale with all proceeds being sent to the artist in Cuba.

Chavez has been exhibited in Cuba, Spain, France, Canada, and UnitedStates.   His work is in collections in Spain, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Italy, UnitedStates, Guatemala  and Canada.

“His environmental and ecological sensitivity is reflected in his art; the hope and dreams of youth; art as a remembrance of natural systems and respect for the two World Biosphere national parks and capital city of Santiago in Eastern Cuba. Cuban ‘realismo-magico’ adds a further playful dimension to his work.”

Images are watermark imprinted.

Chavez- Mi Niño Sueña 46x61cm

Chavez-Homenage a Santiago -49x69cm

Chavez- El Coleccionista (The Organizer) 43X58cm

Chavez Desenfreno (eng. Unrestrained) 46x61cm 2014

Chavez- Metamorfosi 33x43cm

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